What does it take to be a volunteer? Do organizations have strict qualifications to be one? Do you have what it takes to be a volunteer? We have five questions for you and if it is a YES, then you can be the next volunteer this world is waiting for.

1. Are you passionate? Passion is defined as the powerful or compelling emotion in doing things. Volunteering is a form of charity, where you give more than you receive. Thus, it takes passion to be one. A volunteer should not only have the capacity to do things but the will and motivation to really do things. Helping, caring and empathizing are nothing when it is just a fleeting emotion, that is why you need to be passionate enough to really love what you are doing. When we love what we do, it radiates in the people we touch. Is it a YES?

2. Are you reliable? Can the organization and community trust you? Reliability is the quality of being consistent in making a good performance, where people you work with could trust you to do a task. Volunteer partners are expected to be reliable partners. They are committed in making good out what they do. They don’t do things for compliance and reports, they do things for humanity. Is it a YES?

3. Are you a leader, at the same time a team player? Volunteer work is made of a thousand hands in achieving a common goal, which is to improve the quality of life and conserve it in all forms. As a leader, you should know how to appreciate, motivate and set an example to a pack. But being a leader is not enough, because most of the time you should be a team player. An individual who is willing to work collaboratively with others. Someone who acknowledges the ability of others for a given task and who can fill roles for the organization. Is this a YES?

4. Are you selfless? Being selfless takes a long way. Imagine yourself giving something you worked hard for nothing in return. It is hard right? But what do volunteers say? The feeling after helping is unexplainable and highly satisfying. In fact, it is addictive. It is something you can’t buy in the most expensive restaurants. Being selfless is being full as a human because at some point in your life, when you volunteer, you serve your purpose and it is to give hope and happiness to others. Is this a YES?

5. Are you fearless? You cannot define volunteerism in a linear form. Volunteering is a wide range human experience that asks your courage in the maximum. When you volunteer, you will experience the worst, because that is what we do and where we go. Because in the worst places, we are in need. In these places, the opposite of your comfort is where shine our light for others. You will do things just to achieve your goal, so are you fearless to try all new things? To jump? Dive? Hike? Can you talk, dance or sing? These are just few of the things you can do to show other people that there is more to life in the other side. Is this a YES?

By now, I know you just said YES to all of these questions. Congratulations, you already have what it takes to be a volunteer.